Become a Qualified Body20 EMS Fitness Instructor

Body20 Champ Academy

Upgrade your career and qualify in EMS Technology Training.

Body20 is a revolutionary EMS Technology Training network with a fast- growing national and global presence. With quick growth comes opportunity for new talent, which means we’re always looking for new EMS trainers.

Body20 Academy was created to meet the demand for the growing network of Body20 studios, giving motivated individuals the chance to join Body20 as a qualified EMS Technology trainer at any of our nationwide studios.

Upon creditation, students receive a certificate in Body20 EMS Technology Training and we help you find employment through our franchise network.

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Body20 Academy Core Principles

Build Relevant Skills

Body20 Academy gives you a competitive edge with advanced EMS training.

Advance Your Career

Learn proper business skills to market yourself outside of the Body20 network.

Never Stop Learning

Your training covers everything from EMS Technology theory to customer experience marketing, sales methodology, digital marketing, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact Body20 Head Office for the Body20 Academy training calendar.

Training is primarily in Johannesburg. However, if the demand is high enough, we will arrange training in other cities.

After completing the training, you will be certified as a Body20 Champ. Following accreditation, we will introduce you to our network of franchisees who are more inclined to hire candidates who have completed the Body20 Technology training. We have a 95% placement rate within the network.